What is Figma ?

Figma is a collaborative interface design tool that is sweeping the industry.

Unlike Sketch, which is a standalone macOS tool, Figma is totally browser-based, which means it works not only on Macs, but also on Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks.It also has a web API that is completely free!Another significant advantage of Figma is that it allows for real-time collaboration on the same file.

If designers wish to share their work using standard offline applications like Sketch and Photoshop, they must first export it to an image file, which they may then transmit via email or instant messaging.

What is Figma Config ?

Config, Figma’s annual conference, brings together users to learn from one another.It was held virtually across two days this year.Figma Config wrapped on May 11th, 2022, with 100 presenters from every continent except Antarctica sharing 68 lectures with attendees from practically every country.

What we’ll cover in this blog

This blog aims to introduce some of the new update releases of Figma Config 2022. We’ll achieve that by going through a thorough step-by-step guide.

Let’s dive In!!

1. Dark mode 🌘

Now available on Figma desktop and web.Change the appearance of Figma design files and the file browser using themes.You can choose between light and dark themes, or let your system settings decide.Figma will utilize the light theme if your system’s look is set to light.

Figma will utilize the dark theme if your system is set to dark.

2. Spotlight

Spotlight makes it simple to gather collaborators and walk them through a Figma or FigJam file.

Spotlight yourself to:

  • Gather all participants in one area of your canvas.
  • Showcase your designs, team exercise, or slide deck to your audience.
  • Request that everyone in a file circle a canvas or FigJam board with you.
  • Organize workshops, meetings, and team building exercises.

3. Redesigned auto layout

With additional layout choices, a revised properties panel, and on-canvas controls, you can create fully responsive designs with a reworked auto layout.

Explore the auto layout playground file in the Figma Community →

4. New FigJam widgets

With Jira, Asana, and Github widgets, connect ideas to plans in FigJam, and celebrate team wins with greeting cards and voice memo widgets.

5. Variable fonts

With a vast choice of font styles and functionalities, you can expand the possibilities of your designs and typography.

With changeable font support, you can create more optimised and expressive designs.

6. Individual strokes

Using new built-in controls that apply partial borders to four-sided forms, you can build more designs with individual strokes.

Figma applies the stroke attributes to all sides of a layer by default.

You’ll have a Stroke per side property if your layer is a rectangle, frame, or component/instance.

Choose which side or sides to apply the stroke with the Stroke per side attribute.

  • All (default)

To choose which sides on apply stroke to, go to 

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Left 
  • Right 
  • Custom.

You can also define a distinct stroke weight for each side using Custom.

Click here for more information

7. Updated outlines

In Figma design, viewing outlines is like putting an x-ray machine on your canvas, making it easy to inspect, select, and alter hidden and layered layers.

  • View and choose objects that are concealed or clipped
  • Objects on the canvas that are hidden by other layers should be selected.
  • Look at the positioning of the inner, middle, and outer strokes.
  • View the entire boolean operation 

8. Choose a keyboard layout.

From a Figma design or a FigJam file, change your keyboard preference.

This option applies your preferences to both types of files.

You can change this configuration as needed, or go back to the default layout.

  1. Activate the menu.
  2. Select Keyboard layout from the Preferences menu.
  3. Select your prefered keyboard layout from the selection.
  • German (QWERTZ)
  • Japanese (AZERTY) 
  • French (Kana)

To return to the default keyboard layout, select Default.

With improved, more accessible shortcuts for international keyboards, you can increase productivity and get into the flow faster.

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