If you’re in charge of a design team, you’ll need to learn to trust their judgment and understand that things won’t always go exactly as planned. Because we are all unique, there is a vast grey space where personal judgment and taste play a part, and while there are many design guidelines, there is also a large grey area where personal judgment and taste play a role.

This is something I’ve observed frequently among newly hired design leads and managers. It’s a common mistake, and I’m sure I’ve made it myself. When going from being an individual contributor to managing a project or team, there is a learning curve, and most of us find ourselves in that position without formal training or mentoring, learning on the job. Some designers even brag about being “detail-oriented” or “OCD.” Don’t get me wrong: paying attention to detail is important and something you should strive for, but the problem emerges when the details are SUBJECTIVE instead of OBJECTIVE. There are principles in design, but there are also a lot of personal preferences, as I previously indicated. One thing to keep in mind is that all of the cards’ corners should have the same radius and be consistent with the brand.