Social media is an ever-evolving landscape, and it’s important for everyone to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

In 2022, the relatability was more crucial than ever and authenticity was in.

Hello, Be Real and goodbye filters.

In 2023, we anticipate an even greater move towards original content that leads to a certain level of community development.

Stay on top of the competition with these 5 must-watch social media trends for 2023

  1. AI becomes the new popular kid in town
  2. Keyword Search & SEO Elevate
  3. No Copycats
  4. Less Linear Storytelling
  5. Payment transparency between brands and Creators

#1 : AI becomes the new popular kid in town

Artificial Intelligence has arrived and it’s taking the world by storm.
AI is everywhere and is more accessible than ever.

Chat bot launched by Open AI named Chat GPT is becoming popular among content creators and even amongst the business individuals as it is helping them to draft ideas or outlines for their content.

Moreover with the craze of TikTok all over the world, they have introduced a range of AI-inspired effects.
Currently the AI Manga effect on tiktok is so much viral that everyone has at least once tried this effect.

AI-inspired Tiktok effect which turns the video into anime character

Although there’s still the dispute if the AI can really surpass the human work or if can replace our originality and leadership thoughts or not, we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in this year ahead.

#2 : Keyword Search & SEO Elevate

Noways instead of using Google for searching , most of the people are using Tiktok and Instagram for search instead.

In a broader sense, people are looking for more real life and personal experiences based data with honest review and facts.

Consider trying to buy new clothes around your local market, people search and view the tiktok and Instagram content more than searching for it on Google.

Therefore, this change reflects how searching for a certain topic on the internet has broadly changed.


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♬ Fallen down – Slowed – 「Incørrect」

#3 : No Copycats

Doing the same thing like dance or act that is trending was probably the key strategy for growing in TikTok and Instagram in 2022.

But slowly entering to 2023, using the trending song and putting out one’s own real content is a new thing.

In order to stand out, creators and business individuals will have to bring more and more original content into their overall strategy.

Video Editing is becoming more and more about story-telling using various apps for creating clever edits and effects.

Now the challenge is to bring on one’s own real content by the creators and business persons to stand out from the copycats.
Take example of Italian TikToker Khaby Lame who is officially TikTok’s most-followed account, having taken over the likes of Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio on his ascent.

Creating reactions to many other videos, such as one of the platform’s most-liked videos in which he responds to someone’s method of peeling a banana.

#4 : Less Linear Storytelling

This type of story telling leads the audience to dig a little deeper to understand what actually is happening.

It’s the ultimate hook- whether to decoding a particular situation taking place in a video or sharing a sound that causes the audience to get concentrated over it.

And what better approach to catch someone’s eye than by inducing a little FOMO?

#5 : Payment transparency between brands and Creators

On social media , pay transparency is quickly becoming a popular topic of discussion.
Social medias like Instagram and TikTok have paid partnership feature available.

Big Brands are being called out publically for less charge settlement.

Social Media is running wild and its constantly evolving.

So whether it’s about posting more original content or hoping into a new trend, we’re showcasing these 5 social media trends as one.
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